Bamboo by Gucci

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Bamboo by Gucci is a floral fragrance for women.

Gucci launched Bamboo EDP in 2016 as a complement to their Gucci line of Bamboo Clothing and Accessories. The name suggests something that seems delicate, but is in fact strong, just like the plant bamboo. As the scent was so popular Gucci launched an EDT version in 2016 which is lighter than the original EDP, and then an updated version of the EDP in 2017.

Bamboo EDP is a white floral fragrance with green aspects and a mild floral sweetness. You will notice hints of sandalwood running through the sent which adds a slight woody spiciness.
Bamboo Eau de Parfum was launched in 2015 by Gucci.

Bamboo Eau de Toilette is a softer warmer version with more lilies and less citrus. It is a soapy, creamy and lightly sweet floral.
Gucci Bamboo EDT was launched in 2016.

The Gucci Bamboo Limited-Edition eau de Parfum is the same scent as the original Bamboo EDP – The flacon has been changed to convey the scents personality more accurate, hence the deeper colour and the box is a pretty pink coloured one with small birds in a bamboo garden.
Gucci Bamboo Limited-Edition was launched in 2017.
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