Mitsouko by Guerlain

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Mitsouko by Guerlain is a chypre, fruity fragrance for women.

Mitsouko; a name taken from the impossible love story between the wife of Japanese Admiral Togo, and a British officer, both men went to war and Mitsouko was left to wait for either her husband or her handsome forbidden love to return and become her companion.
Mitsouko is a sensual soul, she is magnificent and one who made perfume history. She is mysterious and not everyone is allowed to enjoy her beauty, only the selected few.

Mitsouko has a beautiful and bright opening with citruses, jasmine, bergamot and rose blends perfectly with the warm and cosy heart of lilac, peach, jasmine and ylang-ylang. The spicy base consists of amber, cinnamon, vetiver and oakmoss; intriguing, seductive and timeless.

Mitsouko by Guerlain was launched 1919.
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